Ayurvedic medicines has been a real basic practice of the native Indians who still believe in the Ayurvedic form of treatment and deals all the wellness related issues in a natural Ayurvedic way. Most of the Ayurvedic treatments were handed down by word of mouth before writing was contrived and this way it was past on from one genesis to another.

Dhanvantri is believed as God of Ayurveda. As Ayurveda is being adept since a long time so it is believed as fully safe and sound to consumption it without falterings. There are a lot of alternative medications ,therapies like acupuncture, magnetic treatment, ayurveda and yoga etc.

Being a very skilled surgeon according to the standards of his time, he is widely believed to be the pioneer of modern medical practices like plastic surgery. Albeit his methods were a lot cruder and more painful and were used only in emergencies, such as on the injuries of war victims.

All his surgeries were performed without anesthetic, however in spite of his crude methods he was reported to have had a very high success rate. As a result of the brilliance and achievements he displayed in the field of medicine he was chosen as one of the Nine Gems in early Indian ruler Vikramaditya’s court.

The Ayurvedic way of treatment is a holistic practice and according to this, people tend to get ill because of active and mental imbalances within the individual. In this treatment, those imbalances are treated by restoring the natural physical and mental balance. You have to make lifestyle changes for beneficial results from this type of Auyrvedic treatment.

And according to Ayurvedic belief, a healthy metabolic system can be achieved by attaining good digestion and proper excretion which leads to vitality. The main focus in Ayurvedic form of treatment is on Yoga, meditation and massage. Thus both the body and mind have to be treated in unison to get the best effective and good results.

Keeping things in balance and making them work in their natural way is the basic aim of all Ayurvedic treatment and this sure is a healthy and natural way of treating health related issues. Ayurvedic teaches us that our health depends on how healthy we want to be because when we make wise decisions, our body rewards us with health and happiness. If we don't think wisely, we end up getting sick.

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Ultimately Ayurveda is one of the best alternative medicines having the full potential to cure even the incurable diseases. But still what is required is a professional Ayurvedic advice from a skilled physician or else you could do the treatment yourself for minor diseases by a lot of books based on Ayurveda