Is Ayurvedic Supplements The Best Treatment for Your Disease?

Ayurvedic supplements in the form of herbal remedies have been used in India for thousands of years. Although popular in India as early as 1000 years B.C., ayurvedic practices were not common in other countries until Buddhist monks took this knowledge with them as they traveled. In India there is an established medical school where students who study modern clinical medicine can also study ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Knowledge of this treatment has been gradually filtering out to western countries where it is being very warmly received.
High levels of stress and increasing frequency of illnesses is best countered with holistic healing systems that promote complete well-being through a balanced lifestyle. However, with busy work schedules, devoting time for exercises, proper diet and relaxation is just a dream. Hence, you can use herbal health supplements to correct deficiencies and cure ailments caused by erratic diet and sleep patterns.

Ayurvedic products are available online and in some natural food and health stores. Many of the ingredients used in these supplements are common herbs or plants, while some are derived from plants commonly found in the Indian and Asian regions. 

Ayurveda believes that the nature has answers to all physiological problems. Since return to the nature is not entirely possible, Ayurvedic doctors prescribe herbal health supplements to remedy health problems. These herbal health supplements contain herbs and plant matters, each with properties that affect some parts of the human body.

Common illnesses can be treated with herbs. For example, arthritis is treated with a combination of ayurvedic supplements and healthy living recommendations. Common herbs suggested to give relief from arthritis include garlic, radish juice, walnuts, coconuts and herbal teas made from yarrow, dandelion or willow bark. 

Aside from these supplementary herbal remedies, lifestyle changes are also encouraged. Stress is seen as a major contributor to arthritis and as such several stress relieving techniques such as meditation are recommended. Dietary changes are encouraged in order to promote weight loss. Learning what foods could trigger symptoms will help you eliminate them from your diet.

While many of the herbs used in ayurvedic medicine are local to the Indian and Asian continents, there are many familiar herbs used in the treatment of most health problems. These include frequent use of garlic, ginger, aloe vera, basil, coriander seeds and nuts such as almonds. 

Even more serious diseases can be treated, along with regular medical treatment, by the addition of natural herbal supplements. Those suffering from diabetes are encouraged to regularly eat bitter gourd, and to take supplements made from fenugreek seeds, tulsi leaves and curry leaves. There are also cures that are offered for more common problems, including remedies for acne, heartburn, constipation, boils, blisters and a slew of other ailments and physical problems. 

Ayurvedic herbal supplements are gaining popularity among western world due to its natural non toxic image. Most popular supplements are Hyponidd, M2 tone, Sapthasaram qwath tablet, Sukumaram rasayanam, Triphala, Rajapravardhini vati, Asokarishtam and Punarnava. You should consult a qualified herbalist before starting the supplements.